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Dunn & Co. is a Massachusetts-based company specializing in book binding, conversions, and repair. (See our video)


Perfect Binding is the standard adhesive binding method for manuals, annual reports, instruction books, magazines and more. The adhesive is applied to the spine of the book block, which is then applied to the paper cover. (We take a hard cover book, cut the spine off and converted into a paper cover book.)


Paper To Paper is the method we use to change a paper cover book into a paperback. (used to update or correct information of the cover) gatefold is also available.

Round Bound-Cut out of Case is the method we use to convert hard cover books into paper cover books  without cutting the spine of the book.(the hard cover gets removed by hand).

Mechanical binding is perhaps the most versatile binding option available. All mechanical binding styles offer lay flat capabilities that make books easier to use. Design options such as foldouts, inserts, die cuts and index tabs are a breeze to include. Mechanical binding is ideal for projects that include a variety of substrates, such as thick and thin stocks, synthetic paper and plastic sheets. There are also plenty of cover options, including semi- and fully-concealed and cased-in, that give you more design  flexibility.

Wire-O is perhaps the most popular mechanical binding style available – and for good reason. It opens without a “step-up,” lies perfectly flat, and allows for multiple stock weights and dimensions. Wire-O is ideal for cookbooks, manuals, maps or any other application that requires leaving both hands free during use. A range of cover designs is also possible, including split back, semi concealed, fully concealed wraparound, built in easel and more.

Plastic Spiral is contemporary, snazzy and durable, plastic spiral binding is perfect for children’s books, appointment books and anything else that needs to catch attention.

Spiral Wire The demand for economical spiral wire binding is still strong! For many products, spiral wire is an attractive alternative to plastic spiral binding - and your friends at Bindery 1 have these capabilities at the ready!

Plastic Comb Binding is the only mechanical binding method that allows printing right on the spine, without a wraparound cover.